How to Start Social Media Activities in B2B Sector?

photo credit: Cakehead LovesIt can be tricky to start with social media activities in B2B companies if the traditional communication strategies work fine, and also taking into consideration the specifics of communication in this environment mentioned in my previous post. You will have to overcome the management skepticism and prepare yourself for a challenging strategic planning.

At the same time, even though you can be very positive about this channel of communication, you should not drop all the existing communication activities in favor of social media, no matter how attractive this may seem to you.

Image Credit: Cakehead Loves (cc)


If you are only in the beginning of your social media path, here are the 4 simple ways for B2B companies to start with Social Media:
(source: Jeffrey L. Cohen “4 Ways to Integrate B2B Social Media into Marketing Plans”)

  1. Create a Social Website
    A B2B website is the most likely destination for the prospects and customers with any campaign. A call-to-action from any source drives a visitor to the website for more information, to download a white paper or ebook, or even to contact a sales rep. The first thing you need to make sure is that your website supports the marketing campaign. Whether you have a landing page for the specific offer, or just a clear path from the home page, make sure they can find what they are looking for. Making your website social includes providing other remarkable content, usually on a blog, allowing visitors to share and spread your content, and links to your social profiles, along with what visitors can expect when they follow or like your company.
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