External Communication: Social Media in B2B environment

image credit: B2B MarketingBusiness-to-business and business-to-customer communication strategies are different. Some say that communication is communication and whether you are targeting with your communication end consumers or business decision makers, you are still simply communicating to people, and that’s it.

However, people buying a product for personal use vs. purchasing for their company are very different types of customer. The purchase motivation is different and they need different information in order to make the decision to buy. Using customer-focused strategies in B2B environment will make the company lose money, and in the worst case, – lose customers.

Image credit: B2B Marketing

Laura Lake writes: “when you market to a B2B you will realize these businesses work hard to streamline the buying process in order to save time and money. This often explains why a B2B purchase is based more on logic and why a consumer’s purchase is based more on emotion.”

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B2B, B2C and Communication

photo credit: CarlaGates247Companies сan be divided by the nature of their business and selling process into business-to-business (usually called B2B) companies, which provide products and services to other companies, and business-to-customer (B2C) companies, which deal with the end users.

A corporate communicator should always keep in mind the nature and specifics of company’s business as the B2B corporate communications’ approaches could be very different from the B2C’s, especially taking into consideration Social Media, which corporate use is in the focus of my research. For example, looking at the lead generation in B2B and B2C, it is clear that different approach to communication strategies should be used in each case, depending on the business’ specifics.

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