5 Best Social Media Cases


It was quite difficult to choose the cases for this post as in reality there are a lot of good social media campaigns, and we can learn from all of them.

However, the ones presented in this post are exceptional, pioneering or one of a kind. They push the boundaries of traditional social media marketing.


Red Bull Stratos Mission

It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t heard about Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the stratosphere. On October 14th, 2012, he broke the speed of sound when descending 39,045 km from a stratospheric balloon at a speed of 1342 km per hour before parachuting to the ground.

This mission sponsored by Red Bull and supported by the NASA and the US Air Force created a really big echo in social media. According to YouTube, 8 million users from all over the world were watching the livestream of this mission simultaneously. The video of the freefall was viewed more than 34 million times, and the stratos mission dominated the global Twitter trends for a while.

People could monitor all the details of the jump on Red Bull and Red Bull Stratos Facebook pages. According to Socialbakers analytics, “Stratos page posts generated more than 900 000 interactions on the day of the jump including over 83 000 shares. By posting a photo capturing Felix right after landing, they reached an average post engagement rate of an amazing 19,3557%. The official Red Bull Page received slightly less on October 14th with 740 000 interactions.”

Telenet’s Dramatic Surprise

Telenet is a Belgium provider of TV and Internet services. Last year, it launched the campaign to attract attention to TNT, their drama channel.

This campaign involved placing a large red button in the square of a local town with a sign “Push to add drama”. When the button was activated, a cascade of dramatic events started to unfold, and it got a planned response from the audience. According to TargetInternet data, “In its first day the video attracted over 4 million views”. Currently it has almost 46 million with nearly 2000 comments on YouTube.

Oreo’s Real Time Response

During the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl game a power outage occurred, and Oreo social media team reacted by tweeting:

Twitter _ Search - @oreo power out? no problem.

This message was retweeted more than 15 000 times, and the post on Facebook got more than 20 000 likes. This Oreo tweet became one of the most discussed social media cases of 2012 and increased attention to real-time marketing.

Dinosaurs and Kangaroos by Samsung

It all started when a loyal Samsung customer, Shane Benneth, decided to send a message to Samsung Canada to ask for a new Galaxy S III phone. He posted the message with his request on Samsung Canada’s Facebook page and accompanied it with the drawing of a dinosaur.

Samsung answered in the negative, but attached to the reply a picture of a kangaroo on a unicycle, and after posting on Reddit, the conversation went viral.

Image credit: Shane Bennet

(image credit: Shane Benneth)

Samsung benefited from this conversation a lot, so they decided to thank the customer for all the positive social media buzz he created and sent him, 3 months after the initial message, a present: a Galaxy S III with a picture of the dragon on the back.

Image credit: Shane Benneth

(image credit: Shane Benneth)

This generated even more exposure, and this case became one of the most cited in the discussions dedicated to customer management in social media.

Old Spice Man

Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign with Isaiah Mustafa was launched in February 2010. Using both traditional and social media channels, this campaign generated millions of hits and was embraced by public.

5 months later, in July, company decided to summon the Old Spice Man once again. One fine Monday morning, the company posted this message on its Twitter and Facebook accounts: Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into Twitter, or maybe the Old Spice Man shows up @Old_Spice”. And he did!

Indeed, as people started posting questions, the Old Spice man started posting the video replies with minimum delay. He interacted with celebrities, influencers and fan’s queries and produced more than 187 videos in less than two days.

For example, according to thestar.com, he crowned Ellen DeGeneres “Grand Princess Queen of all who are pleasant, syndicated and prone to spontaneous dance movements” in Eastern Latvia, where he claimed to have just been made King. He smashed a pirate piñata for Demi Moore and got into “a long-term commitment relationship” with Alyssa Milano.

The campaign results’ numbers are quite impressive:

  • Total video views during first week – 35,7 million
  • Channel views: 11,3 million
  • Total upload views (including original commercial): around 134 million
  • Fans on Facebook: 807845
  • Twitter followers: 119 323

In fact, Old Spice had 58 000 new Twitter followers, 29 000 new Facebook fans, 6, 4 million views of the campaign video and more than 5,5 million views of the responses in 48 hours after the start of the campaign!

So, what can we learn from these 5 cases?

  1. Listen to what is happening in social media sphere and react very fast.
  2. Monitor the activity in your social media channels and always answer users’ questions.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be creative.
  4. Make it easy for people to share your content.
  5. Good content increases engagement and lead to sales’ increase.
  6. Humor could be an good tool to attract attention and increase engagement, but you should use it carefully.


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